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+ UNIQUE WORKSHOP : The Yoga (union) of the Feminine and Masculine ! with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar on 17 + 18 july !

Dear friends!

We are proud to welcome Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar in Belgium for a wonderful mantra meditation concert evening on the full moon of 16 july, and a unique 2-days workshop on sacred sound wisdom. For the first time he will be teaching us in this once-in-a-lifetime workshop about a very important subject in these challenging times: The Yoga (Union) of the Feminine and Masculine 

  • If the teachings of Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar are new to you, you can join a free introduction in the afternoon on 16 july 14.00 -17.00, we will do some easy yoga warming-up & some basics on the wisdom of mantra & tantra, and show a short video presentation introduction.
  • Interactive MANTRA MEDITATION CONCERT with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar on the full moon evening of 16 july:  19-21.30
  • WORKSHOP Wednesday 17 july & Thursday 18 july 2019: The Yoga (=Union) of the Feminine and Masculine 

            Workshop by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar


HA means SUN, the masculine aspect, and THA means Moon, the feminine aspect. Practicing HaTha yoga facilitates balancing the solar and lunar aspects of the physical body (Stool Sharira).  

Balance within the feeling body (Sookshma Sharira) is achieved by the experience and expression of unconditional love.

Balance within the causal body (Karana Sharira) is found by daily practice and sitting in meditation with a true master and receiving specific visualizations.

Of paramount importance for all 3 bodies is the absorption of the light of Anahat (heart) chakra to experience and express unconditional love. The Yoga of Sound (Naada Yoga) and especialy the subtle sounds of chanting ancient sacred mantra’s producing nectar or golden sound, the Soorya Akash, is healing for all bodies and fuel for the Yoga of Love (Bhakti).

As a result we open up towards Union between the male and female within us.

In this highly experiential workshop you will receive and practice mantra’s, chakra sounds and techniques to balance your 3 bodies and move towards union of the ego with your Divine Self.

We long to know our true Self. Some have come close.

God granted Moses’ plea to show himself, and when he saw the true Self, in the form of the burning bush, Moses lost awareness. In the Mahabharata epic, Arjuna pleaded with Krishna to reveal his real Self. Initially Krishna replied no, for Arjuna would not be able to bear the sight. Krishna reluctantly agreed to show his true Self to Arjuna, and as he did, Arjuna fell unconscious.

In deep sleep, we are the light.  As sages say….you can not know the Divine but you can be That.

The immature ego is lacking security, courage, love and confidence to achieve what is needed to live mindfuly and joyfully. Sounds of chakra’s and mantra’s help in building confidence and autonomy in the process which brings joy to everyday life. The invitation is to listen deeply and to hear the pure sounds of the chakra’s that are alphabets in all languages and feel their effect!

INTERACTIVE MANTRA MEDITATION CONCERT (full moon evening 16 july 19-21.30 )
 –  Healing Influence of Sound in your Subtle Body
  • Sri Shyamji is the founder of Microchakra ™ Psychology and InnerTuning® Practices. He is a master of Naada Yoga, the yoga of sound.
  • During the concert you will become acquainted with the profound effects of sound. Some parts you can chant along. Shyamji is a wonderful master in creating sounds. The pure essence of sound, the Soorya Akash, will touch all participants. The concert is open for everybody.
  • Chanting mantra’s is an amazing way of meditating which activates the subtle energy, reduces stress and leads to serenity. Through meditation we study the thinking process, contemplate, reflect, let go of disturbing thoughts or emotions and come to a pure calm mind. Being in the presence of a true master you can have access to that sea of calmness more easily. Especially the pure energy of the sounds of the ancient mantras by Shyamji will enable you to receive Soorya Akash (Surya Akasha or golden, healing sound, the divine within, evolutionary space). To be effective, mantras need to be given a precise pronunciation and intonation.
  • After chanting the sacred sounds and mantras we will rest in the ethereal space, the silence, the bliss, the Soorya Akash that comes.The experience and feelings are different for every person. The sounds will touch your microchacra’s and enlighten your inner path of evolution.
To enhance your experience of subtle energies, eat lightly before the classes.
Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is a master of Naada Yoga (sound) and Svar Yoga (breath). He was introduced to these practices at age twelve, by his Guru. He received the knowledge of the Microchakras in one evening, as a divine transmission. From this he created InnerTuning®, a comprehensive system for understanding and transforming human energies. Naada yoga is the experience and study of the influence of sound on the chakra’s and microchakra’s. When chanting the sacred mantra’s and sounds we can influence on the physical, subtle and causal body in order to harmonize these tree bodies.