Yoga is much more than assana’s, it’s a way of living in connection with your inner nature and outer nature. It’s your soul dancing through your body. It’s walking the path of the heart.

During my lifetime i had the opportunity to meet very good teachers in conscious dance, yoga, mantra wisdom and soundhealing. All the wisdom and love are coming together in my workshops in what i love to call  AGUILA Yoga, a more nature based way of teaching and living the path of yoga.

You can send an email if you like to join a free try-out class of YogaDanza, Aguila Yoga or Tog Chöd (dance of the wisdom sword) tibetan tantrayana yoga. I am a teacher in Tog Chöd, Vision Dance, YogaDanza and Sufi Dance.


A AQUA yoga : accupressure/shiatsu in water, dolphin rebirth and warm water relaxation sessions in order to re-connect with pure, free, ocean of JOY inside of you

G GRATITUDE yoga : the art of living in gratitude, deep inner joy and abundance

U UNITY YOGADANZA : conscious dance & singing : liberating your inner child and uniting male and female, combination of yoga and conscious dance!

I  I-yoga, EYE yoga : for better vision (outside & inside), to see from another perspective, to see who you are (essence of our non profit organisation WCU-Dance : we see you dance!)

L LOVE yoga (Bhakti) : love yourself, love others, the buddhist path of compassion, a wonderful way to walk or dance this path of Love for the Divine in me, in you and in all beings is the whirling Sufi Dance (Derwisj Dance)

A AGUILA yoga : yoga practices from all over the world to connect with your inner nature, your source :

Hatha yoga practice, with master dr Jitendra Das (India,  )

Tog Chöd yoga wisdom sword practice (masculine, to liberate yourself from disturbing thoughts), master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche (Tibet, )

Lu Jong tantrayana yoga practice (feminine, to clean your naadis and channels in order to connect deeply with mother earth and your body), master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Naada yoga : yoga of sound, sacred sounds & mantra chanting, master Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar (

Svar yoga : yoga of the breath, liberating your breath, to be is to breath ! , master Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar (India, USA)

diaMANt yoga (diamond): holistic approach in order to dive into the feeling body (feminine) and connecting with a good quality of masculine energy, the wisdom body (in men and in women) . In all my workshops and classes i love to awaken the Diamond in you (diaMANt). So i always use elements of the teachings from all the masters i walked with and their amazing teachings : Dance of the Tibetan Wisdom Sword (Tog Chöd), hatha yoga from India, butoh slow movement from Japan, Longo Dance d’ancrage (Anchoring Dance) from Africa, Sufi Dance (middle east), healing icaros songs from the America’s, and of course innerchild & Heartfull bodywork from Belgium!


“although i studied with many masters from all over the world,

the children and youngsters i worked (or dance/sing/listen/play/be) with

are my biggest teachers !”

Gert Daniels