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life is short : dance it, enjoy it !! only you can dance your dream to life !


wonderful news : the Hungarian tribal mantra band Samsara Boulevard is coming to Belgium! <br /> SAVE THE DATE : 6 and 7 JUNE 2020 <br /> early bird tickets available soon <br /> event on fb :


also this year you can join some SUFI DANCE days : Leuven 26 jan, Gent 23 feb, Leuven 22 mrt, Hasselt 29 mrt, Leuven 19 april 2020! >>> join the whirling dance of the heart! Contact


  • >>coming soon : 4-11 mar 2020: join our Wo-Men ​​retreat Agua in the oasis on the Island of Gran Canaria (mountains & ocean) : a co-creation summer vacation spirit-retreat, with water-yoga, water-dance, watermeditation, resourcing, silence, energy, delicious food, water-wisdom, enjoy, singing, music and mantras (email for info! almost full!)
  • >>SUFI Derwisj Dance Initiation : Leuven 26 jan, Gent 23 feb, Leuven 22 maart, Hasselt, 29 maart, Leuven 19 april
  • >>NEW : initiation Tibetan Wisdom Sword Yoga ! To cut away disturbing thoughts and negative emotions! Join an introduction workshop!